Headquarters based in Washington DC, with a second office in Maryland, A2 Web Studios was discovered to offer affordable customize websites to individuals and small businesses to get their message out in the virtual world.

We believe that small businesses deserve the same high quality web development services that any full-fledged web development department provides to large companies; as a result our staff leverages efficient processes and creativity to provide expert-driven solutions within small business budgets.


Chief Executive Officer

Arash M. Habibzadeh drives the strategy and execution of our client delivery and account management team. Arash leads a team of bright creative and technologists to excellence in web delivery. As a former web-developer of high performance modern web applications, he leads company innovation in more than just technical aspects.

Arash deals with customer’s expectation on a daily basis to ensure they get the best customer service possible. Arash converts client requirements into user-friendly frontend designs, implementing best practices in modern web design on A2 Web Studios open source content management systems.


Chief Technology Officer

Arash is one of the Co-Founders of A2 Web Studios and serves as the Lead Developer on the team. He grew up in Maryland and studied chemistry but always had a passion for technology. That passion drove him to learn web development and become a full time Software Engineer.

Arash is responsible for all aspects of technology and web development at A2 Web Studios. His keen attention to detail and his obsession to get it right ensures the highest quality product for clients. His team of web experts strive to guarantee that client websites look the best and perform the best against the competition.